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Message from the President, Grace Ogiehor-Enoma, RNC, MSN, MPH

Members of the Nigerian Nurses Association USAOn behalf of the Executive Committee and members of the Nigerian Nurses Association of USA, Inc. (NNAUSA), I want to welcome you as a potential member of this noble professional association (NNAUSA, INC). NNAUSA is a community base association.

It was founded on April 27, 2002 out of the needs of our community and our dear country-Nigeria. We observed that our people are neglectful of healthcare concerns resulting in the development of preventable chronic diseases.

In response to this, and knowing the impact of community health education on these diseases, we came together as nurses to promote healthy habits and lifestyle changes among Nigerians in USA and back home.

NNAUSA is dedicated more...

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Members of NNA USA posed from group photo

Mrs. Taiwo holds the award she received on behalf of the President and the entire members of Nigerian Nurses Association USA, Inc.
Award of excellence